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Thread: Jacuzzi energizer info ?

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    Hey all, I just need to Know if anyone has had first hand experience w/ any of the kits from A/T, Aggressor etc. for the Jacuzzi YJ pump. I have a 78 Challenger 18.5 w/ a 460 and i dont want to change the whole pump (laziness rears its ugly head). So if anyone has done this i would like to know if it is worth the $1700 or not. My main reason for doing it is so i can have trim control for a better ride. Im trying to finish the boat by Labor day so start throwing all that knowlege this way.
    Thx all Chris

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    I put an energizer kit on my jacuzzi 10 tears ago very happy with it.Speed also increased a bit.The plus side about it is that you have the hand hole on the outside and your intake is at the very back of the boat.

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    77Charger, is your Jacuzzi a "Golden Eagle" pump? I just found out that I have the golden eagle. It is suggested that it isn't really that great.
    Does anyone else have any thoughts on the subject?

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    Old Charger
    Looks like we've all got the same problem. I've got a YJ also. I believe the Golden Eagle is just a slightly newer version of the YJ, but basically the same pump. But I could be wrong.
    The Jacuzzi YJ pump is an axial flow pump and thats where we get screwed. Can't really describe the difference between an axial flow and mixed flow very easily, but check out the May 2001 Jet Tech in Hot Boat and it lays it all out there. Also, search through the old threads in this forum, theres alot good in info there. Alot of guys in here are gonna tell ya just rip out the Jacuzzi and replace it with a Berkeley or Dominator, but really has that kind of cash? Not only do you have to find and pay for a used pump, you've got install it. That's alot of glass work and man hours! I plan on doing the kit whenever I get the extra money, but they're talking lay-offs at my work so who knows when that'll be. When it comes down to installation, I'd take it somewhere like MPD or GS Marine. I'm told the clearances have to really tight, like down to the tenths or thousandths. Plus you might as well get the whole pump serviced and be done with it. Then you can bolt on a Place Diverter and its "ROOSTERS AWAY!"
    Damn, I'm long winded......

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    I'm definately not in a position where I can change out the pump. When and if the cash becomes available, I will probably buy the agressor kit.

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    Old Charger
    Hey riverlover,
    When ya get the funds to buy the kit let me know! If yer gonna put it in yourself, I can pop over and lend a hand...

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    The jacuzzi i replaced was a golden eagle there is a bit of work to put the energizer but is definetely worth it.Works great with my boat it will plane out at 22-2300 rpm and will top out at 65-70.Has no prob keeping up with the berkleys.Also if you look at the intake on the berkleys and jacuzzis the jacuzzi intake is at the very back compared to the berkely which is more foward.

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    The Golden Eagle was another version of the 12YJ pump. The differance was the eagle being an insert pump (the hull was molded to accept the pump)and the inspection hole was outside the boat. Those in the industry knew it as the Golden Turkey! Most Eagle pumps had aluminum impellers where as the 12YJ was standard with stainless steel. Replacing this pump with anything else would require major work. The 12YJ/Golden Eagle pump (and Panther)are axial flow. The water flows across the impeller in the same direction as the shaft. The Berkeley and Jacizzi 12WJ are mixed flow. With a mixed or radial flow the water is being thrown away from the shaft as the impeller spins. The shape of the bowl forces the water back in line with the shaft. The 12YJ/Eagle pumps a VARY large volume of water at a lower pressure, where as the Berkeley/12WJ move a smaller amount of water at a higher pressure. Just look at the size of the nozzle on the 12YJ/Eagle compared to the others. Also most people don't know the 12YJ/Eagle have adjustable nozzles. If you look at the rear where the upper nozzle pivot is you will see what looks like a big screw. Just above the screw is an allen set screw. loosen the alen set and turn the big screw with a flat blade screw driver. The nozzle will move up and down.

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    Mikey, seems you know a bit about this issue. Do you have experience with the agressor kit? How much does it improve performance? The guy that owned the boat before me told me about the adjustment screw and said he had it the best spot for the boat (he had tried several adjustments before setting where it currently is).

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