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Thread: Very shiny

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    New blower for new motor.Just picked it up at Mooneyham today.12-71 gas blower.

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    Nice, nice!

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    ya mean you was'nt makin enough power before :wink:
    Never enough power :devil:

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    Sick, dude. Completely sick. :coffeycup

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    Very Nice

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    Nucking futs
    Dave, Nice looking blower. Wheres the new manifold? C'mon, lets see it. I notice you have a dominator top plate.So does that really mean you are ditching the injection.
    Good luck on this go about and i will be waiting for my ride to compare the rush. That thing was trucking last ride and its still fresh in my head, Damn, I WANT ONE OF THESE FAMILY BOATS BAD !!!!

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    Ok with running a blower like that, do you have one of those things I see the racers with. I think its a safety cover that goes around the outside. Or is that only if you go with injection.

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    well,yuh wanna strap it down if your gonna run 30 lbs boost but i don't know anything other than that 1271 is GOOOOOOOCH. and where is that manifold??c'mon more pics :rollside:

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    That is looking good Dave, are you going polished with the new motor instead of the anodized look?

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    flat broke
    The thought of alky grabin water in storage turn you back to gas Dave? Either way that's a purty chunk o' aluminum. So scary fast wasn't fast enough eh Good luck and as always, keep it safe. Oh, and what's with the carb top for the blower????????

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