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Thread: HBJet Pics ??????????????

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    Hey Mark, what happened to the pics of those Hot Ass Twins on Randy's boat from the other week???????? They disappeared. :devil:

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    What are they worth to ya

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    I was out with Randy last night. He told me to come here and check them out.......but they be gone!!! :notam: What's up with dat???

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    Blown 472
    Maybe they jumped ship?

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    Isn't that Butch in the car? Dick would be back at the tree smoking his cigar, I think.
    I'm just a pawn in the game of life...........

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    Maybe they jumped ship?
    If they did it wouldn't be in your direction...

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    Hey Blown, this one is for you!!!

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    Yo Randy.....NICE!! Big river here I come!!!! Really though, you guys should come out next weekend, trust me if you want to race there will be more than enough comp out there next weekend. Some really fast flatbottoms and a couple with new set ups for the season. I believe just what chris was looking for....

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    hey river thats a great avatar dude.

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