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Thread: River Accident 6-4-05

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    I am wondering if anyone one this site saw what happened. At about 6 p.m. my daughter (12) and her friend (13) were in an inner tube being towed by the 13 year olds dad when a blue fan boat, similar to those found in the Everglades in Florida came out of the channel near Clear Lake and cut in front of the girls tube, brushing the front of the tube sending the girls crashing into the side of his boat.
    Neither girl, by the grace of God, was seriously injured. My daughter has a severely sprained ankle and her friend has a cut lip and bruised chin. Another friend that was with my daughters group took photos of the fan boat occupants (2-18 year olds and a 20 year old) tossing their beer into the river and sticking their fingers down their throats to make themselves puke right after the accident. I do have to give the driver of the fan boat credit as he immediately jumped into the water to help the girls and I have been told that he was very emotionally upset after the girls were taken to the hospital.
    Through some miscommunication the fan boat was towed into Squaw Lake where we were informed the Arizona authorities could not arrest this kid, so the report is now being investigated by the Yuma County Attorney for potential prosecution.
    Sorry this post is so long, but if anyone saw anything or knows anything about this boat and it's driver, please let us know. This could have been so much worse and I want to make sure that this kid can't do this to anyone else.

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    what lake, what river?

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    dirty old man
    Where the hell are you? I've only seen one fan boat west of the Mississippi and it was at Bill Williams near Havasu Springs. What part of the hot boat world are you talking about

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    Colorado River near Hidden Shores.

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    bunny 166
    I'm so sorry for your family.... :clover: :clover:

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    thats why it is called hidden shores, i do not know where that is... sorry to hear the info... thoughts and prayers.

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    Colorado River near Hidden Shores.
    You know you might what to try the just jets board. Alot of them go down that way.
    Or even Hot Spots, West board

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    Havasu Luvr

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    dirty old man
    thats bitchin, I want one. but aren't they illegal on our lakes/rivers. boat cop?

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    That's what freeks me out about hidden shores. I always think some jet ski is gonna come flying out of the reeds and t-bone me. Sorry to hear about your kids, but glad they are OK. You may want to post some flyers down at the park and see if anybody saw anything.

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