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Thread: 455 olds build up info

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    K Faux
    I have a 455 olds in my 1976 Glastron but is a car engine. I want to build a strong solid engine I can turn up a bit!! I need info.I would like to run 60 MPH Thanx Ken

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    i think you will find that most jet boats are car and truck engines so this is no big for the olds build up i really dont know much abou them but think a cam change and a good intake will help.

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    Old Guy
    If you really want to know what to do with your 455 olds, the folks at the above site offer a technical manual that will provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about making your 455 olds go fast, faster, or real fast. They helped me build a mild one (about 500hp) and I have been very happy with it. You might notice that this board offers a search tool. I recommend you enter "455 olds" and go where it leads you. You will likely learn a little more. It's a very dependable motor if you don't abuse it. You might see many postings that refer to engine RPM. Some 6000+ RPM. Your 455 olds does not like more that 5000 RPM. I don't even like that unless you have made the necessary changes to insure its survival. Long ago I read in a "Gray Marine" engine manual, "improper wheel (propeller) size can lead to spontaneous disassembly of the engine. You can easily meet your objective without putting your motor at risk. There is a direct relationship of $$$$ to RPM.
    Good luck

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    olds god....

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    "spontaneous disassembly of the engine"
    Now thats a kind way to describe it!

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    Wet Dream
    Old Guy, gotta ask ya, what did it run you and what did it take to get 500hp from Mondello?

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    Old Guy
    Wet Dream, my first job (about 50 yr ago) was in a auto repair shop that did everything. I did auto repair for about 10 years. I now own a machine shop and decided that it would be fun to rebuild my own 455 olds. I called Mondello and talked to Lynn. He told me what to buy and walked me through the entire process. I had the block bored .030" over. The block and alternator I kept. From Mondello, I got "rotating assy"(crank, rods, pistons, flywheel and all bearings), Edelbrock (altered by Mondello) heads, Edelbrock intake, Mondello cam, roller rockers, lifters, piston rings, high performance starter, Holley 950 cfm double pumper carb, MSD ignition, 8 quart oil pan (3 point engine mount = no room for 10 quart pan), valve covers (stock weren't tall enough). I'm running Glenwood through transom exhaust (3 1/2" hose out to 4" w/slip in mufflers). Never had it on a dyno but it turns a Berk AA impeller 4800 rpm. I'm told there at least 50 hp out there if I go to a better exhaust system.
    Lynn says the setup should easy make 500 hp. It would take me a while but I can supply all the detail if you want it.

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