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    Bad Meds
    Ok , I wanted to post some pics of my progress because I am excited about it so this is my opportunity to do so and maybe get this forum back on track with help from others doing the same
    I had my floor redone in my boat and I like it!
    Kevin from Canyon Boats did a great job

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    Bad Meds
    Here's some of the motor progress. Getting closer.Maybe we'll have a long block by the weekend

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    Blown 472
    Ok, that is bitchen, you running a dry block?? is that a Keith Black or donovan??

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    Bad Meds
    Yep , it's a dry block. KB. I just sanded the name off last week to polish the block.

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    Blown 472
    Bad Meds:
    Yep , it's a dry block. KB. I just sanded the name off last week to polish the block. Whatcha running for fuel in it?? alky??

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    THATS AWSOME! Gonna have it done by Fathers Day?
    But, wheres the carpet? wink

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    Bad Meds
    Yep ! It's a blown alky 540" I'll post more pic's as she goes together.I pretty much decided to just race it this year so thats why I ordered the dry block but I will do the lake thing on occasion.

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    Tom Brown

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    Kim Hanson
    Very nice, what kind of boat is that?.......( . )( . ).....

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    Bad Meds
    It's a Cole. Here's the boat.Just doing some updates for the fun of it ***boat actually used my boat on there home page *** on the top right/left of the header.Pretty cool.

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