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Thread: Do Not Use Upton Appliance

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    Sanger D
    :devil: what a P.O.S company this is!!!!!!! :devil: Its been a week now with no ref. or freezer,I live in BULLHEAD CITY.(its hot here,I need things cold) :notam: they,ve told me three times they were coming to fix my frig. and have had the part for 2 days now,this morning this really rude BITCH calls my house and says it won,t be until next monday now because her LOSER tech guys are training a couple hours longer ,(or something)then I say you,ve got the part and it will take the guy 10 min. to install,(it only took him 5 min to take out),this is a NEW frig. still under fact.warr.she says" your just gonna have to wait,your broken frig. is not my problem,it will be monday" well, after a few more heated words she says "when you want a QUALITY service then just give us a call" and THEN TRHE BITCH HANGS UP ON ME!!!! :devil: :devil: PEOPLE are LUCKY there are LAWS protecting them!!!!!!!I want to throttle this BITCH for all its worth!!!(witch is something cold or frozen) :boxed: I can,t beleive the lack of honorability and responsability this F(*&^K(*&%N country has obtained,its gotten pretty danm bad!!!I know here in BULLHEAD its pretty hard just to get someone to show up :notam: this UPTON APPL. is a shitbox business.CASINO DISCOUNT APP. is now taking over the job and frigidaire is the ones that got them to come out ,so I hope they drop that (product of a punctured rubber)company named UPTON APPLIANCE,their techs and owner are complete people of the MOHAVE VALLEY BEWARE!!!! deff. go somewhere else for your service!!! GOOD LUCK!

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    Well, it must be bad. Cause it broke while still new and customer service doesn't sound so good. It must be that time of the month for her.

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    Sanger D
    irresponsable and very disrespectful!!!,its seems to be the norm these days!!! what is happening,what happened to......."costomer servive and niceness and respect for a service YOUR providing?"all I wanted was my NEW refrig. fixed so I can have a normal F%$#@KIN kitchen!!!

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    Sanger D
    CASINO DISCOUNT APPLIANCE came this afternoon and found the problem,came back with the part and installed it,DONE in a hour and 10 min.they did in a hour what shitbox UPTON APPLIANCE could,nt do in a WEEK, can you beleive it?.some old school gentleman came and handled it!!,can,t beat age for exsperiance and respect!!! I would deff. recommend CASINO DISCOUNT APPL.for sure,just DON,T use UPTON!!!.thanks for letting me vent!! :shift:

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    Now if you paid for the appliance on credit card, dispute or now send the bill for this repair by CASINO to Upton and tell them you want reimbursed. Judges in small claims love this stuff. You probably lost alot of meat and groceries inthis process also.

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    I had my compressor go out on my Frigidare and they gave me $175 for the food that was spoiled. Ask them about it. It may be a law that they have to pay for bad food. I am sure your fridge was filled with T-bones worth much more .

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    Sanger D
    NO KIDDING , I really did have T bone,s AND fillet mingnon,s ,halibet steaks and 10 pounds of serlion burger, it was like 380 dollers worth of COSTCO meat,pork roasts,and beef roasts, my wife was PISSED!!!!so maybe I can get some reinbersmant if I bitch hard enough!!

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