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    Sanger D
    I have been without a frig or freezer in my house for a week now and I live in BULLHEAD CITY,its hot here and we need things COLD!!!they have told me three times now that they were coming out to fix it,( no show) they have had the part for 2 days now and this rude BITCH calls my house and says it wont be until next monday now because her tech are being trained(er something) even though it will only take the guy 10 min. to install,(it only took him 5 min to take it out,well after some heated words of course she says its monday or nothing and says my broken frig. is not her problem,and when I want QUALITY SERVICE to call them back and then hangs up on me!!!! :devil: this is a shitbox company and that BITCH is lucky theres laws protecting her!!! people like her should be ran out of business and F%$#&G beat!!!! :devil: I cant beleive the amount of DIShonorabilty and lack of responsibility this country has obtained,CASINO APPLIANCE has now handled what these monkeys cannot so if you live in the MOHAVE VALLEY I would avoid this company like the PLAGUE!!! :yuk: :devil: other businesses have all said the same thing about them with me not going into much detail about them so BEWARE and good luck with your appliance needs!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up Sanger D. I won't ever call them to deliver appliances to my house.

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    Thanks! I was about to pull the trigger on a washer/dryer combo from those dudes.......

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    Sanger D
    CASINO DISCOUNT APPLIANCE came this afternoon and found the problem,came back with the part and fixed it all in an hour and 10 min.they did in a hour what shit hole UPTON APPLIANCE could,nt do in a week,can you beleive it?. I,m sorry for waisting a post like this but I just had to let people know about this place and hope that nobody else gets burned and maybe take a bite out of their business a little bit!!no body should have to deal with a business like that :boxingguy ,i would recommend CASINO DISCOUNT APPL. now,the guy was a older gentleman and got right to it. ...........................nothing compares to an old school dude,ussually always a straight shooter!!! thanks for letting me vent :messedup:

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    Sanger D
    SSMIKE, I would turn and run like hell.these guy,s are DUCK EGG,s ,I would deffinatly try some where else.good luck dude and don,t take shit from nobody!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the warning

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    Roman 1
    Sanger D, I'm sure this thread will be a hit in the yuppie sandbar but WTF DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH V-DRIVES?!!!!. :notam:

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    Glad to know, thanks.

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    Sanger D, I'm sure this thread will be a hit in the yuppie sandbar but WTF DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH V-DRIVES?!!!!. :notam:
    In Sanger D's defense, I have seen plenty of threads
    in the "V Drive" section that have nothing what so ever
    to do with boating in general.
    There are others that have homes in the area, and it's
    nice to have the heads up on a crappy company.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    We also had Casino Appl come out to fix our dishwasher. Took the guy ten minutes to fix the problem. It took him another half hour to clean up under the dishwasher (was like this when we got the house) and himself. He was an older guy also.

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