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    Wet Dream
    Finally done. She did a really good job, and look great. She did exactly like I asked her to do. Things are starting to come together. All this for $689.
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    69 Elim
    WOW! those are really nice. I need to have some interior work done too - hopefully soon. I like the graphic.

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    Wow, how fast is your ride with that nice pink shag carpet???

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    Wet Dream
    The carpet is actually there for protection against the tools and ladders while I am redoing my dining room. There is oak hardwood flooring underneath. I am trying to keep the refinishing damage to a minimum. Now if I put that carpet in the boat, it would probably go faster, just to get me away from everyone that was laughing. lmao

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    Those are SAAAWWEEEETTTTTTTAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! http://free.*** Good look and nice choice of colors, now its my turn to get mine done

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    Looks good fella! Did they also replace the wood?...I'm way behind, hope I get to take my boat to Anna.
    Its nice when ya get what ya pay for....And ask for!
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    That looks like a super nice JOB!!!

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    fat rat
    Wet Dream.......looks good, I know you put a lot of time in your boat this winter, can't wait to see.
    Come on're progressing well, you have done some major work also this winter, I know you'll have your stuff we all can see that new "S.L.Motor" of yours run.
    See you all at "Anna"......7 weeks and counting.....I still got so much to do.

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    Those look really nice! Did they do the wood also for that price? Could you E-mail me with the phone number of the person who did it, I need some work done! Thanks!

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    Wet Dream
    I did the wood work myself which cost about $75. I went to a local upholsterer, Williams Upholstery out here. She does everything like house furniture and also boats. You should be able to find someone local.

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