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Thread: Prop decision help

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    ok..this is my first post and i was looking for some help.
    i have a 2004 chap. sunesta 236 deckboat with a 5.0 Merc. and Alpha sterndrive.
    my goals out of the boat are to pull skiers, tubers, etc but also cruising.
    stock prop is on there now and i believe its an 18 degree and it just doesnt feel like it gets on place fast enough or pulls very hard and i was told that the prop degree makes a huge difference in performance.
    any help is apreciated.

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    you have alot of boat for a 5.0.You might want to try a prop with less pitch

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    yeah, i kinda thought it was a horsepower problem too :smile:

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    Call Kevin at R & R Prop Shop ( and ask him what he thinks. The guy is an encyclopedia of "this motor/this boat/this prop". He'll give you the straight skinny on it. 702-564-7502

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