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Thread: Ultra 19 foot jet

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    I got to see the Ultra 19 foot jet at the LA Boat show and was very impressed. This boat is quite a show piece. I would like to hear how it performs.

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    That is Andy`s boat and Ultra did a great job on it. With that big blowen motor it will run very well.

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    Was at the show today too...The Ultra is a nice piece. I am still pissed that hardly anyone brings out their little squirt boats. I asked the Hallet guys if they still made their 20' Sprint, and they looked at me like I just took a crap on the million dollar offshore boat. I can't be the only one who still digs the little hot rods!

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    I hate to say it, but its all about the $$$$. I really can not blame the boat mfg's
    they have to build want makes them money and what people are buying. At least there was a few jets, I did not see any v-drives. Schiada usually has a v-drive in the show. They had an outboard.

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    Originally posted by SPECTRABRENT:
    Schiada usually has a v-drive in the show. They had an outboard.
    Now that is so wrong http://free.***

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    Cobra had a pretty nice 19 foot jet boat at the show...It least it had some actual room in it...You could actually fit a cooler and a couple of chairs in it...

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