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Thread: advice on tubes needed

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    Going through Overton's and other mags, there has to be 500 different tubes to chose. The prices vary greatly, too. I'm looking for a lay down, hang on, 2 person type. Any recommendations...any brands to avoid? Do I go for the cheapy $85 Walmart specials and replace every 2 months or do the $235 models justify the exta cost?
    Thanks for any help...

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    I think the bigger the better. The little tubes can really bounce your riders' necks...painful.
    Check out the "molecule" they look way cool.
    Last month's ***boat had a whole bunch of tubes reviewed...

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    I have tried the $85 and they last about 2 trips before something goes wrong. I think this year we are going to spend the cash and get a good one. At $85 a "POP" it starts adding up.

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    What ever you buy make sure it has the screw off cap to let the air back out and that the bladder is zipped inside cover. The covers can come off ones with the nylon that just covers the rubber bladder, and letting the air out of the filler that you have to squeeze sucks. Also once you throw the tube in the water for a few minutes the air will cool and you may need to add a little more air (thats on just about any of the tubes. I have the 90" Obrian and it is great. Its fast and easy for the driver to put where he wants. I also have the 3 seat sit in from West marine. There is a reason they get $139 for the same tube that other vendor get $299. It takes forever to let the air out of and the cover slips all over. My next tube will be the Manta Ray its a huge wing and the rope connect about 1/3 of the way under it. Headed into the wind you can fly it like a kite for 30-60 seconds with the older kids. Good Luck

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    You need to speak to RTJas or 77Charger... lol

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    I like this thing.
    I think I'm going to pick it up for my kid.
    Rave Stingrave Tube
    The StingRAVE seats one to three riders comfortably using inflatable seats that can be position or removed to provide the most comfort. The visible tow-behind sends not one but three sprays of water into the air so anyone within viewing distance will know that you're on the water haveing a blast. Believe us, there's no pain with this sting. 10' long x 6' wide x 1.5' high. For 1 -2 adults or up to 3 children. Maximum 340 lbs.
    Item Number: TY8324
    BART'S: $299.98

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    We are running the Sportstuff "Air Force". It's 3 years old and starting to show age in some torn neoprene where your knuckles go under ther handles but otherwise is as good as new. It's 72" across, about 14 to 16" thick inflated, flat like a hockey puck, has a handle on each side and 2 in the front (all evenly spaced) and a very heavy cordura type woven nylon cover. Has a screw-type fill-drain valve that works great. We bought it at a matina near us. I do NOT reccomend the Airheads Bungee Cord rope. it is bungeed in the center and tends to drag/snag in the water occasionally causing more trouble than fun. If you can find one with the bungee rubber section on one end, I'd try that one.

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    My dad bought one from costco its made by Sea-Doo I think alot of people bought them, sits three seated with padding on the bottom rides nice but can still catch some air

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