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Thread: Dana Marine....Slow

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    Bryan Rose
    Kind of pissed about my order with them , last week ordered a set set of mufflers for my boat, mind you this was thursday, well she said they were in stock and would ship the same day and I took her word for it. Well today after a week I figured they would arrive in Ga. Well it looks like no boating for me this weekend....... took the old tips off and shipped them to CA. Well Dana said that they shipped mine yesterday! and will arrive here on June 14 according to ups. what kind of crap is that? Dana will never get any of my $$$$$$$$ again ! Wasted weekend
    I ' m finished now.....Flame away should have used REX.
    Bryan :devil:

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    Should have used REX.

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    or bergeron marine. They will ship the same day. Just call them in the morning. They also take credit card over the phone

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    Jake W2
    I love REXs parts but Eddie Marine was 21 bucks cheaper a tip than REX just ordered some for the family truckster so I can get rid of thoes suck ass Corsa tips.Mabey you can get REX to price match.

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