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Thread: Encourage our friends to join ***boat

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    Our friends that went to the dam run with us this past weekend are thinking of joining hot boat, so lets all give them a NICE Friendly welcome

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    Hook up a rope and tow them in....

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    98 Vector 21
    welcome to the party guys...
    from Dan (dicudmore, currently hijacking 98 Vector's log-in)

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    i would tell them not to join if they weak hearted or they dont want to read
    about a dog jerkeroffer

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    Nice friendly people, come on in

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    You could just send Kelly over...... :devil:

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Welcome Frank and Kelly!!!! It was great seeing you again! Be careful, you just might meet some peeps from up north to go boating with (you'll still visit though, right? ).

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    Hey now....Mandy ...................she said she joined but hasn't been e-mailed her confirmation yet.................. :idea:

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    As a Captain says: Welcome aboard!

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    C'mon in the sand is fine!

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