i have a 79 20 spectra sitting on original FG trailer. The boat was striped clean, has has brand new full quad stringers put in the boat, along with a 4" setback berk intake, for any style berk pump. with custom made shoe/rideplate/loader, by MPD. i have an almost brand new Legand pump that is included with boat. the trailer is in over all okay condition. has alote of surface rust, but no holes or serious damages, the fenders and step plates need replacement, and new bunks. Here are some pics. i want $4000 with pump. e-mail for any other info needed. blownspectra@charter.net 818-482-6216. my loos your gain. this is the ultimate project boat that has had the best foundation laid down already..
::: i can also install motor mount rails, scag and floor, before passing the boat on.
PM's are not working at the moment. PLEASE E-MAIL OFFERS to blownspectra@charter.net
thanks Eric.
http://www2.***boat.com/image_center...59DSC03276.JPG http://www2.***boat.com/image_center...59DSC03274.JPG http://www2.***boat.com/image_center...59DSC03273.JPG http://www2.***boat.com/image_center...59DSC03271.JPG