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Thread: How many of you guys run metering blocks

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    How may of you guys run metering blocks? I am talking about the ones you use after the fuel pressure regulator? I have 2 carbs on my tunnelram and have the fuel regulator in between the two but I would like to use a metering block to install a gauge? Is this the way to go or am I just mildly retarded?
    Also if you do use one where is the best place to install it?

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    Jet Hydro
    You talking bout one of these ? If so the best place is as close to the carbs as you can get so you know what the pressure is at the carbs.

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    Yes thats what I am talking about.. nice job! it looks good.

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    Where do you have your regulator mounted?

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    Jet Hydro
    Here again you want it as close to the carbs as you can get to keep the pressure up and the flow up. If you mount is far a way from your carbs your pressure and flow can very from time to time. As you see I used a few 90`s on my lines. Not all that good of an idea it`s best to use 45`s when you can.

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    It's called a distribution block, and it's best to use straight fittings when you can.

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