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Thread: Get your boat loan here!

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    I have just closed my 3rd boat loan with Chris Kennedy at FMS loans!
    Normaly its no big deal but for people like me it's huge!
    I dont have good credit, I am self employed, already have a boat and rv loan, have paid tax liens, and all the crap lenders hate. He SOMEHOW gets the job done. No or low down payments and good rates. Anybody can get a loan!!!
    He does rv's too! They could care less about high performance too!
    I would highly recomend him and his company! Anytime someone goes so far out of there way to help, I like to talk about it!
    His cell # is 951-906-6300 Chris Kennedy

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    Do you know if he has a brother? No joke...I knew a Chris Kennedy in Riversdie when I was a young buck.

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    I think thats him! He is a 909er! and lives there!

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