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Thread: American eagle or Mickey Thompson

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    Got two good deals on both of these wheels, they are the M/t classic lock or the Eagle 187 looks the same both are polished. Anyone have experience with either one, the M/T's are more money.

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    neither,go with chrome unless you have some free time,,try weld evos,kinda spendy but worth it

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    neither,go with chrome unless you have some free time,,try weld evos,kinda spendy but worth it
    Nope not a option at this time allthough the Extreme Alloys offer a chrome and they are mad by american racing

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    ive had both polished and chrome,try to go with the chrome,in the long run they are just way easier to take care of,usually cost more but after a year of taking care of the polished you will be fed up

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    Go with the American Eagle chromed. I've got the polished ones and brake dust makes them dull really bad. Now i have to polish them by hand or a polisher to see if i can get some life back into them.
    What kind of tires are you going to run?

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    Quality Time
    Years back MT's were made by Alcoa which were a lot stronger than anything American had to offer. Not sure if that relationship still exists FYI, most Big Trucks run Alcoas.

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    I've got Alcoa's, fresh polish in my view look's better than chrome but
    they are a bitch.

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    i have classic locks on my HD and i love them. if you have a buffing attachment for a drill driver it will help them shin up real nice

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