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Thread: Big Bear Choppers

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    What can you guys & gals tell me about Big Bear Choppers? We are looking to build one as an office project.
    Let me have it. I'll also take suggestions on other custom Chopper kits that you may know of.

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    Kevin is a very good cat! Mona his wife runs the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't piss her off!!!
    My friend(my fire captain) is the guy who did all the video production for his kit-bike tapes.In fact, on monday speedvision did a build-up of one of Kevin's bikes in Mac's garage.
    As well, Mac's son-in-law Andy is the marketing guru of BBC. Kevin(and Mona) have built that company "huge" over the last few years.(I remember when he started out of a 800 sq.ft. shop) BBC is located about an hour up the mountain from San Bernardino, CA.
    PM me with specific questions/Mac or Andy's number for some anwsers

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    Complete and Really Good Kits for the price, The Venom Is wicked

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    I stopped by the shop when I was up there this winter, really cool people. Their bikes look awesome, they are high on the list + they are semi-local.

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    We are looking at the 300 PROSTREET. We are still early in the planning stages. Whether it happens or not I'm not sure yet. I'll keep you all updated.
    Thanks for all the info so far.

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    I built one up for our shop bike. Our frame was not a good representation of their quality as it's top tube is offset 1/4" to the right. Made for some fitment issues that we had to work around. Overall a good company though. Terry

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