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    Who uses what for encrypted DVD's???

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    Does their CSS removal come included with the software? I read that it is a separate download.

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    Cool, I read that on their site too but another site comparing many different programs said it was a separate download. Thanks.

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    I got a copy of something from Jenny Ohlsson. have a crack at it and see if it works for you...

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    never had a single coaster.
    What is a coaster? I bad burn?
    Bob, thanks for the info...Some of the DVD's I've burned in past do not work in our SUV player so this might workout.

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    I got a copy of something from Jenny Ohlsson. have a crack at it and see if it works for you...
    Thanks. That would be appreciated. What program is it?

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    Not sure!!

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    Who uses what for encrypted DVD's???
    I'm still using DVD Xcopy, it works 90% of the time. I think its unavailable now, but if you have an original copy of the software, and a legitimate email and password you can still have it activated. I just got a Dell PC and it supports my new 16X DVD burner.

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    Hey Bob...Thanks for the skinny on those two programs. I've already used them on several dvd's and it works great. I haven't checked in my Ford dvd player yet...but I think it will do fine. :mix:

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    I'm guaranteeing they'll work in the Ford. Just keep them CLEAN. My Ford player is really susceptible to fingerprints, so if it won't read, eject, clean and repeat.
    Right On!!!

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