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Thread: Life line link?

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    I need a link to life line vests. Thinking about getting one for the kids, if they make kid sizes.

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    Not sure if you meant the racing jacket, but I dont think they carry them for kids.

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    Miss Perfect
    They do carry kid's sizes and they are too cute! Here is a pic of a lil one. http://www2.***

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    That is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea they carried them for the little ones!

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    H20 Toie
    i just got some from teague marine and they had them made to whatever color i wanted so of course they have to match the boat.

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I just found out from BoatCop that the lifelines ARE NOT USCG approved so I'm ditching that idea. I really wanted to get soem with custom colors and names and shit. Doesn't make much sense to me but who the hell am I.
    I'll be back to looking for some top notch type III's I guess.

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