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    anyone know much about wheel adapters, and running them, has anyone had a problem with them and so forth

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    I assume you're asking because you want to run a wheel that doesn't fit your bolt pattern. I think it's one thing to run 'em on a car and probably OK on a truck but hauling and towing would make me nervous with adapters.

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    I Had On A Lowered Chevy Of Mine Stay Away From Those Can Cause All Sorts Of Problems.

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    I Had On A Lowered Chevy Of Mine Stay Away From Those Can Cause All Sorts Of Problems.
    get back to work

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    I'd stay away from them. There are too many reasons to list but simply they are not worth the risk, especially on a truck.
    Man up and do it wheels that were designed for your application.
    Just my $.02

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    the wheels are the right ones for the truck, my problem is when i run a 33" tire it rubs on my upper control arm and on the inside of the frame when if i put a bolt on wheel adapter that just pushes the wheel out 1" that is my theroy??????

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    Try adjusting the bolt on the front suspension that hits the steering knuckle at full lock, and if you are like me and have a Ford 4x4 with 35's and stock wheels with no adjustment, take a washer for a 3/8" bolt (1/8" thick) and weld it to the bumpstop. You will lose some turning radius but if you turn to the point where it doesnt rub anyway you will lose nothing. 4 point turns here I come.
    I still rub a little at full lock if I turn into a driveway or dip fast, but it less embarassing/annoying than it hitting ALL the time and I could have used a little thicker washer to eliminate it totally.

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    u can run adapters with great luck.. however i don't recomend them on that size truck and especially not with that big of a tire. What your after anyway is a spacer not an adapter.. Your best bet is to 1. lift more, 2. buy a wheel with less backspace.. If you want to make work what you have find a place to buy spacers, extend your lugs the same amount and your good to go.

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