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Thread: Trailer Repair in Needles/Barstow

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    My boss was on the way to Laughlin this afternoon and lost a tire on his tow vehicle and ended up jack knifed. He and the faimly is ok but the boat trailer is hurt. One of the axle's on the trailer is toast and needs to be repaired/replaced. Does anyone know of a shop in Needles or Barstow that can get it done?

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    There's a shop about 10 miles outside of Needles on highway 40. If your heading west it will be on the left side. You can see it from the highway, a little shop. It'll cost some coin. I blew a trailer bearing out that way. I have a picture of my boat & trailer up on a flat bed tow truck. Pretty funny to look at.
    Good Luck!

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    Is the shop east or west of needles?

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