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Thread: need a new car, what to get?

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    my old lady is looking for a new car. something new to her at least. im tring to talk her into a chevy truck, but i dont think that will work. commute isnt a problem. she drives less than 100 miles a month to my 2500+ :hammerhea
    we would like something with good mileage, but it isnt a deal breaker. it HAS to be cool cause i will drive it when she needs my suburban. budget is no higher then mid 20,000. we have her 1997 bmw 328is for trade.
    we were thinking new mini s
    what do you think?

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    Look at the Nissan Altima. A lot of car for the buck.

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    Mrs. casean
    We just got the Mazda M6 Fully loaded and love it! Great car & rides very nice!

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    i think she wants something that doesnt burn rice

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    We just got the Mazda M6 Fully loaded and love it! Great car & rides very nice!
    when they have the windows blacked out and chrome rims , they look sweet, i always double take. if you didnt know better they look like a $40,000 car

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    A used Volvo C70 would be in your price range, they are pretty cool stock and have plenty of power.

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    i could get you a good deal on a honda!!!!!!! rice cars are the way to go honda,toyota. American cars are all crap in that price range.

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    I have an extra 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 everthing but navigation w/ leather
    24,000 miles like new condition. Professionally Detailed every week and always garaged asking blue book price(low-low 20,000).
    Silver with black leather.
    PM me if interested
    Oh by the way, she tells me I can't drive my suburban or escalade, so I am getting rid of her car.....

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    just got a chevy colorado crew cab. lots of room, lots of power and 21 mpg around town. Jay can prolly hook you up over there, pretty sweet deals right now

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    ratso might want to be sure you still have a job first. :idea:

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