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Thread: West Coast Custom Deck Boat Questions.

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    Troubles No More
    It got me to thinking after reading SDLifesaver post on the Magic, Conquest & Howard deck boats
    I know that test drives are a great opportunity to try out different types of boats so you can find just the right fit for you but I have a few questions for those of you that have the time.
    What boat/model do you have?
    Is it powered by a standard 496 HO setup or ??????????.
    What size of propeller?
    Do you have the twin-propped Bravo III drive?
    Does it pop up onto a plane quickly?
    Accelerates from 0 to 30 mph in just?
    Any problems with behavior of the boat when loaded all the toys & with 5,10 or 15 passengers?
    Do you waterski or wakeboarder behind your deck boat?
    How does it handle the afternoon wind chop that has stirred up a 2/3 ft whitecaps?
    Does it run dry through the worst of the whitecaps?
    Cranked hard into a turn does it have any tendency to cavitate or turns like it’s on rails?
    What is your top speed with fuel and two people?
    Do you have a head compartment and use it?
    What standard features, optional features or creature comforts is a must have in your opinion.
    Would you buy or recommend the same boat & setup again.

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    If I'da known there was gonna' be a test, I'da studied!
    Dude, that's a lot of questions. What are you asking, specifically?

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    Troubles No More
    If I'da known there was gonna' be a test, I'da studied!
    Dude, that's a lot of questions. What are you asking, specifically?
    This is not a test just my mind gone astray..
    I like the concept of the deck boat and the decks where a little out of my price range when I got my boat. I have never driven or rode in one and was looking for some feedback as I’ trying to convince my better haft that we need a new boat.

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    You might take a cruise through Cobra's website and check out their new deckboat. It has some interesting features and a TON of room. The area in front of the helm and passenger seat actually lifts up like a trunk. Don't know if that would cause it to rattle, but it's a hell of an idea.

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    I was kidding about the test part. Just being funny.
    Well, I can tell you this. I looked and looked and looked. I have gone to the boat show (LA) for the last 6 years. Out of all of that, I am very happy with my purchase. It is not a deck boat, however. My ultimate purchase will be a brand new Conquest. I don't know when that will be.
    The other thing I harp on is USED. Not everyone can deal with buying used. I absolutely WILL NOT buy a used vehicle. Vehicles are used every day. Boats aren't. I don't know how many HOURS a car has on it after four years, but I know it's a hell of a lot more than the 165 my boat had on it!
    I saw lots of boats just like the one in your signature. Most had 502s or 454 mags. The later ones (2002-2003) had 496s and they were wanting 55-65K for 25's and 26's. If you bought yours new, you know what kind of a hit these people were taking.
    Point is, if you want a deck and are trying to talk the wifey into it, find a nice used one. You may have to wait, but there are out there. Talk to Keith. He knows where they are all hiding. I tried to get him to find me a Conquest for $60K. At the time, it didn't exist. This was January of this year. Lots of Advantage 28's pop up. The occasional Eliminator (same as Conquest). I doubt you will see an Eticket for awhile.
    Is this the right path?

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    in awhile,this will need some time,going to make dinner,,,05 magic deck,496hohttp://www2.***

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    See my post of the Howard deck boat #1 fresh from the mold!

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