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    460 WJ
    Who makes the best exhaust header gaskets? I have went though 2 sets this week..

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    They blowing out? Sounds like the surface may have issues :hammer2:
    What do you mean by going through them?

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    460 WJ
    I'm running a fresh 460 ford. The first set cracked and blew right out. I though I had a upper problem. I was very happy it was just a The one that cracked was a thick paper. The last rebuild I was running espestis gasket that was over 10 years ago.. With over 500hp on the desktop dyno. I'm sure there is alot more heat and air flow. I doubled up some metal and paper one's I found from "MR. Gasket" to get me though the day. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem or is there a better gastet out there.. Thanks

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    I'm having the same problem.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I have found that the best gasket for headers is the "SCE Copper Embossed Gasket". Or if the money is tight the "Mr. Gasket Ultra Seal". Any others are just plain garbage.

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