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Thread: New Howard Sport Deck!!

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    Fresh out of the mold. This is the very first Howard Deckboat. It has lines just like their Bullet series. The tooling is flawless, and so damn straight! It will sport pewter and polished stainless steel hardware, and be powered by a TPI 700 EFI. I think they are going to sell a bunch of these boats.

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    phuuck that's nice.!! thats gotta be the nicest set of lines of any deck boat i've seen yet . (accept for the ultra 23 deck,as i don't generaly like big boats). that boat is gonna be badass with that tpi motor. more pics please. way to hit another one outa the park,Howard.

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    Really nice boat...and I know they followed the Bullet lines, but the dash and gunnels sloping towards the back resemble a March 26...Awesome looking deck.

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    al cole'holic
    ..that is sick for sure!! I am gonna have a rough time getting a new boat for sure!!

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    Is that a completely new tooled design?

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    thats really nice,I have a another brand deck boat,that would have been something to look at,whats the price gonna be?with a basic 496 set up,do you know?

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    Yeah, what RR said, what's the price and how big is that badass boat???

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    If you see me in a boat like that , it means I won the lotto . Damn , that thing looks bad ass .

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    It was all tooled at Howard from SCRATCH.They did use portions of their 26 Cat for the bottom, but thats it. Seriously, it looks really nice, and it appears that the months of block sanding the plug and the mold have really paid off. At one point today(at Howard) Everyone was just staring at the Deckboat in awe. I personally am very impressed with the tooling, layout and design. I love my 28 Bullet, but if I was in the market for a deckboat, I would not have far to look. This was worth the wait, for sure.

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