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Thread: Golf Cart Ignition?

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    Has anyone ever changed it to a "keyed" ignition??
    I want to do it but am unsure as to the correct Kragen ignition switch.
    Help a brotha out!
    BTW - It's an '97 EZGO TXT Fleet Cart 36V

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    he isnt on now,he is a golfcart guru

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    Mrs. casean
    Sean used a bug pack EMPI ignition switch from VW Paradise in San Marcos, less that $1o bucks. I know you are not in that area, but maybe they can mail it to you if that works? I'm sure Kragen has something too, but if you are going to be in Parker for Fathers Day Sean said he's pick one up for you and we'll be at the sandbar on Sat and can give it to you if you'd want... or mail it to you, it's on his way to work. Let me know if so

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