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Thread: Naughty Quiz

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    15 questions (
    My results ...
    You are 47% Naughty
    "You can be a little bit naughty but its nothing you should be worried about. Everyone should be a little bit naughty every once in a while, just remember to be nice as well"

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    Mrs Scuba
    I'm pretty bad........
    But in a good way.
    The Naughty Quiz
    You are 82% Naughty
    "Ohhh your a bad bad person! You are very naughty! To be honest, your our kind of person Other people may not appreciate your naughtyness but we think that being naughty can be fun, keep up the good work"

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    58% naughty

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    You are 56% Naughty
    I was going to lie and try to get a bigger score. :devil:

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    Damn, I got 82% Thats kool

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    69% for real

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    64% for me.... Is that good???? I don't think they asked the right questions...

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    You are 0% Naughty
    "Your so nice its unhealthy. You must have lied on some of your answers, no one is as good as you are! You might want to try being just a little bit naughty every once in a while, its good for you."
    Am I the only all are BAD BAD influences!

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    JACKIE V LIED... she is a dirty little girl...

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    only a 64 i must be getting old

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