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Thread: Any (newer) VW parts Guys out there?

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    I have a friend who's husband came out of work yesterday and found out someone had backed into her Passat but didn't leave a contact number. I haven't seen it yet. She may bring it by today but it sounds like the hood, grill headlight etc.....
    She has had nothing but problems here locally getting it worked on at the dealership and she was just recently in a serious rollover accident (not her fault) so she doesn't want to go to her insurance with this one.
    Anyway I am looking for a hookup on parts once I get a list together. Thanks for anyones help. Todd

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    I know most are at the lake so I am just bumping this so I don't lose it or I may catch someone on the boards that can help.
    I also looked at the vehicle this evening and it looks like just the hood, grill and headlight were damaged. Someone in a tall truck doesn't know how to drive.

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    Try Moore Parts Source in San Bernardino. Ask for Bill. Be sure and ask him how the Havasu Bullhorn is doing

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    BeetleJuice on here owns Timmon's VW in Long Beach. Great guy and I am sure he could help you out.
    You can PM him from my site.

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    Thanks for that info guys. Will give a call today. Anyone else? Now that everyone may be back from the lake. :wink:

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    Great board and I'm sure you'll find what you need there.

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