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Thread: to O ring or not to O ring

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    How many of you blower/turbo guys O ring their heads?

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    Don't "O" ring unless it is full out race. Just put Cometic gaskets on it. I use them exclusively now. Even decked the "O" rings flat on my block.

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    My deal is o ringed,but it came that way.

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    I'm bangin 14 lbs of boost and 7400 rpm, last time I tore it down there was no sign of a problem with plain old Fel Pro blues. Spend the cash on something else.

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    "O" ring and receiver (in block). .041" stainless ring material, in a .039" groove. Copper head gasket, and extra head studs. This will last with any reasonable boost. Under 10lbs intercooled, go Cometic. I should have said "STAINLESS RING", forget the copper stuff.

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    He removed enough material from the deck, that the 'grooves' were gone. "FLAT" = no grooves in deck.

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    Without detonation, and you READING THE INSTRUCTIONS(they have changed), fel-pros good to 16-18 lbs boost. If you o-ring the block it will usually leak water inside (the valley) or outside the motor. TIMINATOR

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    Actually my block had been decked a number of times so I left the "O" rings in and decked them along with the block. Worked great. Could not afford any more deck loss. 4.375 stroke crank in std deck block.

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    "O ring and receiver ring" the block and heads. NO LEAKS OR FAILURES! If you do it correctly it works. Also aircraft that super/turbo charge require "O rings" NEVER HAD ANY FAILURE WITH THIS METHOD, 36 years doing this stuff as a business, not a hobby. So "Info" left the 'O rings" in, and then leveled the decks. This process 'filled the grooves' and left a flat deck.

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    I'm with Info on this one. Orings are a pain in the ass unless a full race deal. Lots of boost, lots of hp, and big rpm's. Some run wire in the block w/ receiver groove in head. Some the other way...wire in head, receiver in block. Felpro makes their "lockwire" gasket that requires groove in the head to their specs. Some run wire w/ no receiver groove. My block is grooved, but I just put the gaskets on w/ no wire, which is the way it came. This was done supposedly to help keep the gasket from shifting which can happen with boost, if the head lifts a little. No matter what you do, you'll have to run copper gaskets when using orings (unless you run the felpro) and that's another pain in the ass, although there are some new embossed gaskets that seem to be working better. The Cometics are rapidly gaining popularity, and when I put my alky motor together, that's the direction I'm going. :coffeycup

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