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Thread: Trailer brakes

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    How do I test the trailer brakes? Dont really feel like there helping. Its a Zieman trailer that is supposed to slide forward and increase brake pressure on the trailer.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Try backing up a small hill...the wheels should lock up.
    If they are drum, make sure they are adjusted properly, and make sure the fluid is topped off.

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    Sorry to Hi-Jack, but my tandem trailer stops ok, except for the driver front locks up on me. ALL THE TIME! ??? They're drums..
    any ideas?

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    quiet riot
    For surge drum brakes:
    Make sure master cylinder is full and clean, this is very common to get water inside and rust and ruin the whole brake system. Usually cheaper to just get a whole new brake kit and install if this is the case.
    To test and adjust drums, find a gravel/dirt parking lot or road. Get going about 10 mph with the boat loaded as you would normally have it for towing (and sucurely tied down.) Hit the brakes enough to lock up the tow vehicles brakes and stop. Get out and check the skid marks for the vehicle and trailer.
    The skid marks for the trailer should be the same length as the vehicles. If they are shorter or longer you need to take a brake adjusting spoon (or a short fat flat blade screw driver) and adjust the brake adjuster. These are located inside a small slit that should have a rubber plug in it on the bottom of the backing plate for each drum on the trailer. You work the spoon/screw driver up/down in the slot grabbing a notched adjuster wheel thats located inside the backing plate.
    Here's ( a picture of the adjuster you'll be turning. Turning it on direction (it clicks as you turn it) will tighten the brake and make it lock harder, the other direction will loosen the brake and make it brake less.
    Search for pic's ( of drum brakes and it will make it easier to understand. If problems continue then the drum usually needs to pulled and check the adjusters as they tend to corrode or tensioner/retainer springs break and cause them not to adjust properly on their own.
    If it sounds too complicated take it to a shop, you don't want brakes to be screwed up! :yuk: If you get the adjuster too tight the brake will drag and heat up and it needs to be backed off about 6-10 clicks. You can get a base point for each brake by jacking up the wheel and adjusting the tensioner until you can no longer turn the wheel by hand, then back it off till you can spin it freely but still hear a slight brake drag, this is usually right on for brake adjustment also.
    Sorry for the boring read,

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    I have a Zieman trailer, triple axel, with disc brakes on the for and aft axel. The actuator is a DA-10 , manufactured by Demco.
    The dam thing does no braking at all.
    After comming to a stop, drive off normal, the thing makes a a loud bang, like it pulled that deal out hard. Its full of fluid.

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