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Thread: 460 oil pump

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    In two summers have gone thrugh twoMelling oil pumps. Both pumps have cracked just below the base where they mount to the motor. Anybody else have these problems, whats causing this to happen? Getting expensive to rebuild every year.

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    Never had any problem like that. Did you check clearance between crank and pump? Is the pump mounted on a flat surface? It can overlap the front cover a bit and if the cover doesn't fit flush [most marine covers don't] that can cause a problem. Do not over torque the bolts and use the thin paper gasket, not a thick cardboard one.

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    jmat....I know a couple of folks who experinced the same problem. Both of them solved their problem by balancing their engines. It seemed they were being shaken to pieces. Strange, but true.
    The odd part about this is it just started happening about a year ago. I never heard of it before. Maybe the pumps are weaker now than they used to be?

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    I heard the same thing (about balancing) mabie they are using a weaker casting

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