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    We apologize for any inconvenience or doubt that anyone has experienced due to the RBP raffle. It is not our intentions to mislead or falsely represent our company that we have worked so hard for, not only for a future for our family but to create a business where stardards, morals and values are not compromised. For the record, the truck will be raffled at the Extreme MotorSports Show in May of 2006. This raffle will be live and taped and you do not have to be present to win. Please if you feel that you were mislead we will gladly refund your money 100% no questions. In turn, we hope that our company will not be misrepresented by those who just assume.
    Roland & Christie
    RBP Diesel Performance, Inc.

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    whats the point of advertizing the raffle if you didnt plan on doing it til the following year? yes, its wrong for use to assume. its like buying a ticket for a concert to see a particular band, only to find out they are not performing till next year. i guess someone was smiling all the way to the bank. :argue:

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    We are truly sorry that you feel that way considering the date is written on the raffle ticket itself -(where the consumer fills out the ticket) We can not be responsible for everyone to read what they are filling out however, we can be sorry that this has caused an issue. We can say that we have learned from this and that we will be very clear and try to do the best we can at letting people know the date of the raffle. We appreciate the honest opinion and are open to any other questions, comments or concerns.
    Roland & Christie
    RBP Diesel Performance, Inc.

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