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    Just curious about the SuperChiller....a few questions.
    1. What is the cost for one, and do they go by application (like my 454 BBC would be one price vs. something else) or is it just a flat fee?
    2. What is the usual price for a Supercharger, with an inner cooler?
    3. Since my motor is open and easy to work around, what could I expect to pay in labor? Or is this a job that a person with good mechanical ability could do at home in the shop?
    Any info here would be appreciated. -DD out
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    hack job
    hey dick last i knew it was a intercooler for superchaged mototrs and i would believe that its a application based type of price they from what i have heard and read have the best performace ratings and are well worth the cost of them . i think the were like 2000 fro a bbc but dont hold me to that. http://free.***

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    The "SuperChillers" are specific to each brand and size of blower. I am not sure about the cost because Jeff Blosdale threw mine in for free when he built my motor.
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    They were around $1,600.00 a few years ago. I bet they are still in that range.

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    Hack, thanks for the info, you are totally right. What I meant to ask was what is the best marine application supercharger, what is the usual price, and are the charger and intercoolers usually sold seperately? I have heard that Whipple makes some nice stuff, but is it? -DD out

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    Dimarco Kid
    Whipple makes some real nice stuff. Just another egg to add to your basket, I've got a brand new 6-71 Littlefield polished blower for sale. New, never had oil in it. I'm selling just the blower, no intake, card plate or pulleys. I'm keeping all of that. If you know of anyone, have them e-mail me. Be good, and definately go blown and chilled, you'll love it.
    D Kid-out

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