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Thread: Advice on buy a home in Discovery Bay.

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    houses on Discovery bay.............. T Bag-?
    Went and looked at homes yesterday........ boy oh boy has it gone up.......
    homes that sold for around 500k 2-3 years ago are now in the 8+ range....
    I'm looking for ideas on areas good, and areas to avoid..... close to fast water, etc.......
    it's funny how much cheaper houses are on the "lake"....... but to me, if
    you're not "on the water" you might as well live someplace else..........
    we found a home on lido bay that would be awesome.....

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    I would have to say jump in with both feet, the prices are only going up. The closer to the fast water that you are the happier you will be on those blazing hot summer days. The only thing I would ad would be to make sure the back side of you house does not face west, the afternoon sun will kill you.

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    yeah, this house has a front-south face, so the backside faces north.....
    not exactly rear-side to the east, but still we were there at 2pm, and there
    was about 4 feet of shade just from the eaves of the home........
    who is the governing body for deck changes/additions/upgrades/patio covers?
    also, is there a permit process to put in a fiberglass pool in the water attached to your dock? there are a few places with that setup, and if you
    had it on a salt-water system instead of clorine, it wouldn't cost too much
    to maintain.......... that and I'd want to build my kids a slide from the deck
    all the way to the water..... Our own waterslide park.!

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    Here is a number for someone that puts the pools on the docks. He can probably answer most of your questions.
    I hpoe these help.

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    the elevator goes to the top and it doesn't care which floor you get on.

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