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Thread: tested boat,bad overheatng probem???

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    i got my engine in and plumbed,all guages hooked,went for test run,the damn thing is overheatng FAST,i have excellent flow from the pump,no thermostat,and it gets to 250+ less than 150' from ramp,i am running zommies temporarily ,could that be the problem?????

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    oh, i forgot to add,i am putting plenty of water to the engine,but i would think it has to come out to circulate,could that be a problem?, if so how do i get it out ?,and where do i run it?

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    You mean the water doesn't exit the motor?

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    nope,i was thinking of removing the two plugs on the rear corners of the intake and plumbing them over the rear of the transom for a test????

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    The water must exit the motor. You have a closed system right now so the water just gets hotter. The water has to exit the engine. Unless you have a radiator hooked up.

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    You have no water exiting the motor?
    I assume you are using the jet pump to provide water to the motor. Do you have a gate valve on the supply line? It it closed?
    Do you have a dump line to get rid of the excess water that you're not running thru the zoomies?

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    going to plumb the rear coolant passages on the intake into a tee,i assume a 1/2" hose will work for now,and go pay another 7.00 ramp fee and try it again,i have worked my tail off night and day for a week and i never thought about the cooling system,i have always ran logs......i admit i f****d up,i guess i was too much in a hurry.

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    This almost seems like someone being funny.

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    Read this it may help simalar but different problem (http://www2.*** Kinda shows a diagram of how the water lines are run. There are some good responses from the guys here.

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    i see, but i did remove the water pump from my "car" engine, it honestly never crossed my mind about the system being closed.

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