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Thread: Lake Lavon in Texas... Anyone out this coming weekend?

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    Anyone going to be on Lake Lavon this Saturday with their jet?

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    Fastdave...going to vernon this sat. for the big annual rod run..Do alot of jets hang out on lavon? brazos

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    Jim Hall
    Originally posted by brazosriver:
    Fastdave...going to vernon this sat. for the big annual rod run..Do alot of jets hang out on lavon? brazos

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    BrazosRiver - I have only seen one jet on Lake Lavon. I am hoping that some of you guys are in the area and can meet up on Lavon sometime. Lake Lewisville has been a little too crowded for me over the last few years (more thongs there, though, that's for sure).
    Jim - Huh?

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    [Where is lake Lavon?
    I am in east Texas
    Lake tyler, Palestine and Livingston

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    Lake Lavon is just North of Wylie, TX with surrounding towns of Lucas, Lavon, Copeville. Fairly big lake and never a lot of people.
    If Lake Tyler is in Tyler Texas, it's not too far.

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    fastdave...don't forget about ray roberts on the 26th

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    I'll be there!

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    Well Fast Dave it must have been me That you have seen then I have been There a Couple of times in the past Month on Sunday or Saturday I have a Red and Yellow 76 Avenger with 455 olds etc etc. any way do we know each other??? and we need to if we dont becouse we are allways looking for some more people to go to the lake with us and allways have babes wanting to go and or meet us there any way lets Hook Up some time or at Ray Roberts coming up if I get any info onand if ya come up 380 from Farmersville thru to Denton way call me or come by my Shop in Prosper Tx Remember it is Just Fun and be Safe remember to wear a Rain Coat

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