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Thread: ERROR - lake levels

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    Just checked the official lake level site at level and it erroroneously reports that Lake Mead is down 57 feet. That would mean a jump of 30 feet in one week. Well, I was there yesterday and the marinas are not up in the parking lots and the launch ramps are still fairly shallow. Since is was down 87 feet last week and dropping slightly daily, I would guess that it is about -88 to -90 feet. The good news; theres still plenty of water for the HALLETT REGATTA next Saturday, June 18

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Hey Burt...say high to Jerry (Lolligagger) for me.
    One day I'll make it out there with those guys.

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    Mead has been at 1141 since May 1st....POWELL is up some 30' during the same stretch...

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    Isn't Powell bigger than Mead?
    up 30 feet is major for how huge Powell is............Maybe we won't have to go through the 'HATED' channel again...........of course I've seen the "moon" in the channel, during the daytime

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    HH, can't you beg a ride with lolligagger next week? Or with over 400 Halletts there, there should be room somewhere...

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    Havasu Hangin'
    HH, can't you beg a ride with lolligagger next week? Or with over 400 Halletts there, there should be room somewhere...
    I had lunch with Brian (his son) on Friday, and he was trying to talk me into going. Father's Day weekend is the stopper for me...I have commitments here.
    Take lots of should be a great weekend.
    I may try for the Willow/Katherine run again this year, though...depending on work.

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    last trip to powell i was talking to the rangers and he said with the water coming up so fast they have to reset (all the docks)everything twice a day and by the time their done they just start over
    Cool!! :wink:

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    Can't be as cold as the water by the dam (makes your legs numb)
    and the waer at Park Moabi is really, really cold
    I'm just glad that lake is getting more water.................

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    HH, already planning the Willow/Katherins run. (Wish the people who operate Katherines weren't such jerks). Hope to see you there if not sooner.
    DEB, I think Powell is larger in area but Mead has more water due to its depth. The coldest water I've ever experienced is just below Hoover Dam; 54 degrees year 'round...

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    When we were at Powell last year the water was going down like an inch a day, when you think of the miles of shore that lake has, that is a LOT of was so much that after being there for a week, we had to move our sand spike a couple times......
    The DAM water is VERY cold!!

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