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Thread: How can you guys stand the noise?

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    I took my ride out without the engine cover to check things out while running. I must say, things are LOUD without the engine cover. http://free.*** I had to go to the bow to get a little bit of peace and quiet. I can't imagine how much noisier the other boats would be since (a)the engine is closer to the driver on smaller boats, and (b)most of you guys have blowers and what-nots on your boats. http://free.*** I can see that they are bad ass boats and I'm sure they (almost) fly. But, how can you guys stand the noise? Or maybe I'm just getting old. http://free.***

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    triple x tx
    what noise?????

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    I think the noise is the best part!!Bassets and no mufflers.....ahhh heaven.

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    Originally posted by triple x tx:
    what noise?????
    exactly http://free.***

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    triple x tx

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    future boater
    Originally posted by 82SleekCraft:
    Or maybe I'm just getting old. http://free.***

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    Sleek, outa ride in a boat for 2 hrs with zoomies. Believe me, after the first 20 min. it sucks.

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    Wet Dream
    Huh?? Did someone say something??
    All that noise is half the fun.

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    These boat was built for a guy not a girl who can't stand the noise. That explains wht Mr. water cop is always pulling us over he's actually a little girl inside who can't stand the noise either (j/k)

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    Noise???????, I thought that was music!!!!....

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