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Thread: Eergency preparedness. Who's prepared?

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    A couple of hours after this mornings rude wake-up call I began to wonder.
    How many of my friends were prepared for a huge earthquake or other emergency (terrorist attack much greater thatn 9-11)
    As far as earthquakes go, the experts say it's not a matter of IF the big one hits, but, WHEN it hits.
    I'd been a fireman for 21 years. It's taught me to be prepared both on and off duty. My emergency kit at home is pretty extensive.
    At the risk of sounding like your daddy I gotta ask. Are you prepared as best you can be to take care of yourself and your family for days on end in the event of a disaster?
    It's no secret that any large scale disaster will deplete all emergency crews' resources. Fire departments and PD's will be handling large incidents such as any public building, power/water facilties, schools etc. We/they won't have the time or probably won't even know about you and your family's needs for some time.
    Basically, plan on being you're on your own for a while. May sound harsh, but, it's reality.
    There are lots of websites available that give good basic guidlines for emergency preparedness. If you want any guidance look on the web, or PM me ao any other fireman on the boards. Glad to help.

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    I know we are sooooooooooo not prepared.... I need to go out and get alll the can goods, water, safety stuff etc............ I have 2 boys ( well 3 if you count J ) LOL So, I really need to do this for them if anything!!!!

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    WE've got a decent store of Propane, water and a pantry full of food....Our camper is only a few miles away so I could go pick it up or we could go there if need be. I keep the boat gassed up so we'd have 50 gallons of fuel if we needed it.
    Flashlights, batteries, radio and glowsticks we have many of as well. Walkie talkies, and I figure even if the house fell down I could use the pieces to build something decent in a few days.... we've even got a generator at the shop. And I'm closest, so I'd get it first! LOL
    Good enough?

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    Hi Mandy................
    Glad to see you sooooooooo prepared !!!! :jawdrop: :clover: Think you could get J to do that!!!! LOL :hammer2: :hammer2:

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    The first thing I am suppose to do in a major emergency is make sure myself and family is ok, then I am to call or head into work We practice emergency drills at least once a year at work,by law I think we have to, and i am even on the emergency prepareness team and we preach about being ready at home for the big one. So to answer your question NO I am not prepared at home. On the other hand my boat is always fueled and ready to go...does that count

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    I've always stored large amounts of supplies. I was an assitant SERE instructor in the military so I have that habit becasue of that. My friends also know this and joke that they are all going to be over here if anything ever happens.

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    We are prepared. Plenty of canned goods, four real good first aid kits, I'm CPR and first aid trained, keep everything fueled and there is always 120 gallons of water in the motorhome. As a plus I'm like a McGuiver

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    Hi Mandy................
    Glad to see you sooooooooo prepared !!!! :jawdrop: :clover: Think you could get J to do that!!!! LOL :hammer2: :hammer2:
    Just drink a Red Bull, everything will be OK! :wink:

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    I think I'm prepared. Always have two bottles of Jack, a case of beer and 10 gallons of water in the house. Oh, and some beef jerky.

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    Im pretty well prepared. My Motorhome has 2 cases of top roman, water, canned goods, beer etc. and its not to far away from me.
    Unleashedclothing ( :devil:

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