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    Bryan Rose
    As some of you all read I was upset with Dana for being slow to ship my mufflers to me........well all was fixed . Here is the PM from them.....Thank you!
    Well I guess I am eating crow now. Some times I like wearing my ass for a hat :smile: :smile:
    Hi Bryan, sorry to hear about the situation. When you spoke to our represenative did you mention that you were in a jam? No one made any mention of this problem with me. Never the less, get your boat waxed up, I just sent a set next day air for arrival tomorrow AM at my expense. Do me a favor, simply refuse the second set that will arrive on ground UPS. For future reference if there is a probelm, simply give me a call. I'll be more than happy to do whatever is possible to rectify the situation.
    Bob Jeanblanc
    Dana Marine Products
    Dana Marine Products..Quality Does Matter ~

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    Now that is customer service .... pretty impressive.

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    Desert Rat
    I had great service from them. I drove my boat down to them and in one day th!ey installed my ski poll, removed the back engine cover sent it over to their upholstry guy and had him do the cutout and finished it off. Even lent me a polished poll and ring while mine were out getting coated to match my hardware. Stand up company IMO. I would do business wiyh them again in a heartbeat.

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    bunny 166
    Darrin and I saw this seat base in another Conquest and wanted one for our boat, so I PM'd Bob and told him what I wanted. He said to email him a pic, and he'd give me a price, etc. Well, it was easy as could be, gave him a credit card number and had the base by the end of the 3 or 4 days, seriously! He was great, and the base looks killer in our Conquest!!! :wink: :wink:

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    Dana Marine Products
    Hello Hot Boaters, thank you for all the kind words. It's nice to get feedback from your customers.

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    I ordered some new flappers to go on my new Gibson mufflers from Dana Marine and got them the NEXT day! Plus a free tee shirt and a catalog. How great is that?

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