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Thread: 21' schiada for sale

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    anybody looking for a 1996 21' schiada river tunnel,jeff blosdale blown 468 chevy merlin heads, lighting headers, rex marine oil cooler,2-750 holleys,gm perf crank,bravo-1,tri axel trailer,fun fast and dependable e-mail at

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    price and pics.....................

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    What year I know someone seriously interested but needs to be a newer boat. He's looking for a V-drive but you never know

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    price and pics.....................
    Yea before all the kittens are killed

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    price and pics.....................
    It kills me and about a million little kittens that people come on here and spam shit and don't list a price or post pics. You might as well just not post, we'd all be happier and the kittens will thank you for it.

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    Last edited by passin gas : Today at 07:24 PM. Reason: forgot year PRICE and PICTURES!!!!

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    sorry, but this is the fist time i have done this.i will have pictures thursday and the price is $35,000.

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    call Bill at 702-210-1906, his friend Mark wants a 21RC real bad, and has the bucks to buy one according to Bill, just fyi
    Thanks for the tip, but it's got to be V-drive.

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    passin gas,
    I am looking to buy 21' schiada, the newer the better. What is the condition of the boat ? I have the money to spend. My wife wants Mastercraft, me want Schiada, and she said OK only if it is in excellent condition. Need pictures quick. You might have that boat sold to me by the end of the week if it looks nice and run nice like you said.

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    Passin gas, I sent you an email for a friend who is looking to replace the one he lost. Sounds like a nice boat. Jeff

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