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Thread: Ride Plate (JG)

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    Need drawings or info on a ride plate for a JG or JC, Too many beers. It`s not a split bowl. Thanks, sorry abotu the ignorance tonight.

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    Also, will this evem help my boat? 75 Southwind 20'. I anm getting a place diverter. I was also wondering since coming from cars, I am running 750Holley want to got to 850. Or should I go with a ram and twin 600`s? I would like the ram just for show but am worried about losing power and wasting gas. Most of my riding time is NOT at WOT. Will this hurt my torgue for pulling?

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    It's a 'C', lower letter (C before G)= less sophisticated. That's how I remember it.

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    spectras only
    Hi Jroos ,sorry about not getting back to you on the rideplate.Asked Dave about blueprint,we don't have it,but you can see it on the last boat we have on his website under shoptour article.That boat has a JG bowl.You can drill and tap a JC bowl to accept a support bracket that would hold the plate,but since you decided to go with a placediverter ,there's no need for a rideplate anyway.To run a tunnel ram won't give you much benefit other than looks.Go upgrade your carb to the Holley 850 vac secondary marine carb that has 88 primaries and 94 secondaries.750's are great for cars,but boats demand more fuel hence they always have an uphill battle.

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    hello spectras
    just wanted to know dave who,and the web address if possable.also toying with the idea of fitting a ride plate,but i have to make my own at an exchange rate of about 9to1 excluding shipping,i could not afford to bring one over (i asume).are they avalable second hand what about jetovators.if you have a jetovator why not use a ride plate
    thanks in advance

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    I know each hull acts different to different mods but heres my experience. I have a 76' Howard 21ft. daycruiser,I put on hydraulic place diverter,Places new droop snoot and his bolt on ride plate that requires no machine work to the intake. The boat would porpoise so bad that I would have to trim all the way down just to get it to smooth out. Needless to say I ripped off the ride plate and am now happy ride and performance.

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    I have a ride plate and Place Diverter on my 1994 Caliber 1, Berk JC. If you can give me some time, I'll come up with a picture of it and e-mail it to you. It's machined into the bowl and fastened with colars like you would see on a v-drive for the cav plate.

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    I have a Spectra 20 that has a place diverter, droop snoot, & ride plate. I dont know how much the ride plate has helped, but the droop (need a "G" Bowl) & place diverter
    is a must. I did the ride plate for future HP. I would just go with a place diverter in your application.

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    spectras only
    JetBug,Dave's website is; ( ,you can see the rideplate on the last Catalina boat featured under shoptour by Brian Davidson of Hot Boat.It has a JG bowl.Dave has the hardware for the ride plate if you want to manufacture your own. Custom-cruiser,your Howard has the same bottom as the spectra ,and both boats have a constant deadrise [12 degree]3/4 of the lenght of the boat.If you have the diverter and ride plate on a straight level,your boat shouldn't porpoise at all.Whenever you install a ride plate ,you should start with the plate level with the bottom and the diverter left straight.Shouldn't set the plate higher than 4 degrees,start straight and go up incrementally untill you find the best angle .The reason for a rideplate is to extend the hull further back to lessen the wetted surface of the hull to ride on the plate.I've seen some boats the ride plate was set so high ,it had a radius like a rocker bottomed boat and did porpoise until it was readjusted to level.

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    Thanks all. And please do Slick.

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