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Thread: lightning jet boats

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    Does anyone know about these boats???
    they are located here in the san fernando valley... talked to one of the guys at the LA boat show and he says they are just like the ultra's and he/or someone at his shop were the ones that does the gelcoating for the ULTRA boats
    my friend bought one and for some reason he thinks ho bought an ULTRA
    here is their website:

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    They did buy bare hulls from Ultra ,& rigged themselves . They now buy from Genesis. I have an 2002 jet from them & everything from the boat to all the paper work says Ultra . It just has a simple geicoat .

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    so whatdo you think about the rigging..
    do they do a decent job??

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    plaster dave
    so whatdo you think about the rigging..
    do they do a decent job??
    It is the brother of John West from Ultra. I have been there before but I never bought one sorry not more help.

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    Lightning is in no way affiliated with Ultra. They do not do any work for us, nor do we do any work for them. I am not related to any employee or owner of Lightning. I sold them the name and some of my old molds a few years ago. I have not built Lightnings in over two years.

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    John already beat me to it......

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    thanks..... but is there a specific reason to stay away from them???
    bad workmanship
    shoddy business practices??

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    Both Of Those Reasons As Well As Poor Customer Service,

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    I agree, stay away. I wish the 247 hull wasn't sold to them.

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    Yes, I'm happy with the boat .The rigging was good ( seen better ,seen much worst ) The only thing I added that I wish it had was a float on the bilge pump . They matched my price on installing a place for me . Before I sighed the papers I called John to see if this place was o.k. , he told me that at that time they sold 40-50 boats a year for him . What happened after that I don't know
    The salesman I used has been ther at least 4 years that I know of .
    Would I buy there again ? I think I, would go straight to John West instead .
    My boat was about 31k out the door & I just turned down 28k Thursday . Ultras do hold their value

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