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Thread: help needed with manifold ID and gasket source

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    no idea what these are cant fnd em online..... i just need riser gaskets! the old ones leaked and thats scary, they looked like abspestos or some sh:t too. thanks in advance.

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    Hi Berk...
    give Rexone a call at 1-909-392-7300 and talk to Mike or Rex...i bet they can help u out

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    A friend of mine had the same problem at the beginning of the year and we wound up buying some Hi-Temp gasket material and made our own. We cleaned the mating surface off real good and colored over it with some kid's sidewalk chalk, then we pressed it down on the gasket material firmly and picked it straight back up leaving the chalk outline of the mating surface. We cut them out with heavy scissors and an Xacto knife, coated them with hi-temp sealant and bolted it all back together. He lives at the lake and has put about 20 hours on his boat since with no problems.

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