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Thread: toby rhino

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    all the talk about those rhinos he was getting,toby drove down yesterday(5 houses)in his stripped down rhino,body is being painted.We went out on some new home pads down the street,jumped it,slid it,climbed a few steep hills.Im impressed,it hauls ass.My wife watched us driving down the street from our back balcony she said we looked like 10 year old we smiling so much,then she said,"by the way ,dont even think about it".Flowers may help,maybe some jewelry

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    Its too late you never should have let her see the joy that ride created!

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    toby put a pic up before it got dirtyhttp://http://www2.***

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    Thats a neat little toy.. (i think i need one)

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    its kinda amazing how fast it is stock,almost scary on the street,suspension worked well also,yamaha did a great Ford Think may be for sale soon

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    How much is the house down the street selling for?

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    theres a few

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    i see the for sale sign now

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    Yeah, the one in the pic. How much?

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