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Thread: Pixilated Party w/pics & w/o BS

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    Rev. Williams
    I to want thank Geza and Tina for a great time on and off the water and too their friends and family (and what a family it is) a big thank you also ! I had a great time this weekend and I'm no longer a Sanbar virgin either! I finally took my first trip up that way and had a blast. Huge thanks to Sean and Dia for bringing their boat and for letting me boat bitch and even drive it
    And now for some pics:
    The Birthday Girl:
    A great gift, but we never played
    Nothing but Hotties!!
    Mrs Racer at the wheel.
    My Favorite boat this weekend...
    My favorite PASTIES of the weekend http://www2.***
    Proof I was at The Sandbar http://www2.***
    Once again, Thanks to everyone for being soooo nice and letting me have a great weekend even being boatless (which will change soon)
    And I think Geza needs to be awarded the Most Patient Man Of The Year Award !!! You're amazing man !!

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    Thanks Jer. XOXOOXXOXOXO :wink:

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    Looks like a nice one. Congrats on loosing the sandbar cherry.

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Thanks Jer no BS

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    Rev. Williams
    Thanks Jer. XOXOOXXOXOXO :wink:
    Just trying to clean out the Drama.....

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    thanks for the pics jerry
    happy late bday Tina
    We were right across from you in the channel sunday, celly died when tried to call ya

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    those there are some HOT WOMAN...."No B.S!"

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    Hey PP what happened to our tube ride??? :wink:
    I forgot about that.

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    those there are some HOT WOMAN...."No B.S!"
    Ha Ha good one B

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    Ha Ha good one B
    Oh and Glad u had a good time PP, Rev and friends.. Nice pics. :jawdrop:

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