Ok so this past show we bought a party barge tri-toon, this boat is for the wife so when i blow a motor she will have a boat to party on. It will also be used when we have more freinds than room on our boat.
The boat is a 22 tri-toon
It comes with 4 cheap 6.5 marine speakers, which i will be replacing with billet grills and tossing the 40w installed at the factory. The radio is a clarion marine satellite radio.
There is really no room for any sub except near the starboard gate entry where the seat is a lounge chair style back. There i plan on putting a 15" sub in that space and would like to bump up the 6.5 count on all spaces where music is currently being placed. Oh yes the motor option is the merc v6 io so the alternator will probably not be able to handle the changing of the batteries so a Honda Generator setup will be needed maybe, any way i am not an expert and will be relying on this board.
What amps and what speakers would you guys recommend.