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Thread: fuel lines ?

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    cant get my new carb to stop leeking from dual inlets stop one side other leeks what is wrong
    brand new holley with dual feed ?

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    You may need an adjustable fuel rail. Are you using Teflon tape? If so, don`t. Petroleum products dissolve Teflon.
    I bought my dual fuel line with gauge from Summit. Works great on my 4150.
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    I just replaced mine too with the "Real Deal" Holley line. It took me about 6 tries to get it in without it leaking. Even the Holley's need some tweaking to line the actual fittings up. Don't bend them a bunch, just some light bending! The easiest way is to get braided lines between the bowls, but if you like the hard line, be patient and do some small bending

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    If I were you, I would get a hammer, and very delicately, bang the $hit out of the fuel lines, until they realize who is in charge, make sure to use a lot of 4 letter words, some super glue, and a pair of pliers on the fittings. Good luck!!! -DD out

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    yah i got the real deal for the holley.sun of a bitch it is hard to get right tried two dif kinds .the holley does sem to line up better but just alittle off . i guess ill f*ck with it some more
    not useing any tape
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